Tom Tian

Girls Garage


Visual Identity
Type Design
Web Design
Environmental Design

Originally a part of Project H Design, Girls Garage is the “first-ever design and building workshop for female, nonbinary, and gender-expansive youth in the United States.“ Based in Berkley, CA, Girls Garage seeks to instill confidence and cultivate personal growth through a broad range of unapologetically bad-ass projects and programs.

The corresponding visual identity eschews the usual STEM and feminine cliches for bolder forms inspired by industry.
Strategy & Research
Kristin Lueke, Alibaster McDonald

Design Director
Will Miller

Matt Soria

Tom Tian

Portrait Photography
Gizelle Hernandez 

The goal was, in a sense, simple: To create a look and feel that does justice to the motto: “Fear Less, Build More.”

To that end, the identity embraces the precise and rough-hewn across multiple touchpoints, from the custom stenciled display typeface to hand-drawn textures to a suite of skill badges celebrating hard-won accomplishments, not to mention heroic portraits of the fearless builders themselves.

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