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The University of Chicago Alumni Relations & Development

An assortment of projects from my time working for UChicago’s office of Alumni Relations and Development.

Thinkers’ Toys



Hewn from solid maple by patriotic American robots, this set of eight concisely illustrated woodblocks feature "Places and spaces where students play with ideas," both old and new.

Sets are given as a thank-you to donors who give $50 or more to the University of Chicago Magazine, the U of C's flagship alumni publication.
Art Director
Guido Mendez

Print collateral design
Nicole Melton

Mary Ruth Yoe

Ad & mailer photography
Nathan Keay

Proform Technologies

Tom Tian

Case Study Photography
Tom Tian

The Core

2012 ︎︎︎ 2015

Print design

The Core is the University of Chicago's flagship semiannual undergraduate magazine, mailed alongside the University of Chicago Magazine, its premier alumni mag. Started in 2007, it aims to foster alumni engagement with stories pertinent to the College. Its circulation as of 2015 was roughly 100,000 copies.

In late 2012, I redesigned the publication of record under the guidance of Design Director Guido Mendez in order to bring a more contemporary yet still on-brand look to the Core.
Carrie Golus

Art Director
Guido Mendez

Tom Tian

Nathan Keay, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Drew Reynolds, The Smithsonian Institute, Tom Tian

Allan Burch, Eric Hanss, Tom Tian

Alumni Association Website


Web Design

With more than 130,000 alumni from the College, four graduate divisions, six professional schools, and a school of continuing education, the University of Chicago stood to benefit enormously from an update of its aging alumni-facing website, last redesigned in 2009.

Designed and developed rapidly over the course of several months with invaluable assistance from Sandbox Studio and Alumni Relations & Development's in-house digital team, the Alumni Association's thoroughly overhauled, responsive website balances aesthetic and functional needs to better serve the needs of UChicago's diverse alumni community. In a nod toward longevity and flexibility, the site makes abundant use of modular components and strictly-enforced image and typographic standards to accommodate new client needs without compromising its basic appearance and usability.
Art Director
Guido Mendez

Tom Tian

Sandbox Studio

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