Tom Tian

We All We Got

2014 ︎︎︎ 2015

Book design
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Documentary photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz's book We All We Got explores the consequences and devastation of gun violence on youth in contemporary America through powerful images, incisive essays, and moving letters from diverse individuals affected by this perennial scourge.

Photographs from We All We Got were displayed from October 9th, 2014 to January 4th, 2015 at David Weinberg Photography in Chicago. They are currently on exhibit at the Bronx Documentary Center in New York.
Carlos Javier Ortiz

Elijah Anderson, Luke Anderson, Tonya Burch, Frederick "Mookie" Dennis, Alex Kotlowitz, Coree Parks, Maria Ramirez

Copyediting and Proofreading
Christine Wachter

Book, Poster, and Collateral Design
Tom Tian

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